sushi + candy = kiddie heaven

Yay! The first tutorial! Granted, it's not cake or cupcake related and there are no tips or tricks that you can use on your cakes or cupcakes, but it's a fun way to entertain a bunch of kids and darn it, this is what I'm demo'g this weekend at Toronto Harbourfront so if I have to do it and take pictures of what I'm doing, you're all going to see it.

Step one: Gather all your ingredients. Sushi mat is optional - I'm using one so the kiddies have more things to play with. I've got some dried mango slices here, but I think I might substitute gummy fish and gummy worms just to get more sugar into the kids. I'm evil. *muwahahahaha

Step two: Slice up a bunch of mango pieces. Use a sharp knife and get a grownup to help you if you're a kid or if you're clumsy.

Step three and four: Using your handy dandy rolling pin (I'm sure we all have a gazillion of them in different sizes) roll out one of the rice cereal treats. Don't press down too hard or your sushi will be really dense. Unroll your Fruit Rollup (on sale this week at Price Chopper for $1.99 a box - I bought 18 boxes and got some really funny looks), and lay your flattened rice cereal treat along the bottom corner. Cut off the excess on the side. Keep a little bit on top - this comes in hand when you roll it up in step six and you need to get it to stick.

Step five: Line up some mango pieces at the bottom of your rice cereal treat. What the heck, sprinkle some sprinkles on that too. Sprinkles are fun. Yum yum.

Step six: Roll that sucker up. Don't forget to peel the plastic. Roll... peel... roll... peel... roll... Seal it closed with that bit of Fruit Rollup we talked about in Step ThreeFour. No need to lick and stick. That's just gross.

Step seven: Cut that sucker up into three equal pieces. Sprinkle with some sprinkles because sprinkles are fun. Yum yum.

Step eight: Cut the leftover Fruit Rollup into two equal strips. Cut another rice cereal treat in half. Phew, that's a lot of cutting. I'm lazy.

Step nine: Top the rice cereal treats with slices of mango and wrap it with a strip of Fruit Rollup. Ta Da - easy peesy lemon squeezy. (not serious about the lemon squeeze).

That's it! Fun project for kids. It took me four times longer to type this up than to actually make them, so I hope you liked my first tutorial. Real ones to come. Comments always welcome. Bad comments, I might delete...

(Disclaimer: Unless you're under the age of 10, these things aren't all that tasty. Super sweet and yuckity yuck. I'd rather have had the mango by itself)

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