its a girl!

I've been dying to style a dessert table for the longest time. I've contributed cakes, cookies, cupcakes, mini-cakes and marshmallows to many a photoshoot, but never a whole table! When the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance. Sweets for a sweet little baby girl (to come). Other than a pink and creme colour palette, I had free reign to do anything my heart desired, and let me tell you, it was hard to limit it to these few sweet treats.


A scattering of white chocolate couverture and strawberry Pocky (mom-to-be loves Pocky)...

White chocolate dipped thick cut potatoe chips...

Lichee macarons...

Herve This' chocolate chantilly... dairy free... gluten free... heavenly...

Homemade coconut marshmallows...

More lichee macarons... mmm...

A table full of yummy sweets for a cute little sweetie pie...

masquerade...paper faces on parade...

One from the vaults! This free flowing masquerade inspired wedding cake was originally created for a magazine. Hundreds of little mosaic pieces and hand painted gumpaste masques totally make this a cake to remember.

a gerbera daisy tutorial for sally b.

Sally B. requested a tutorial for gerbera daisies, so here it is!!

Things you'll need:

- 20 gauge wire
- gumpaste
- gel colours
- daisy cutters - smallest, small and largest (I didn't use the medium one)
- water or gumglue
- dresden tool
- ball tool
- paint brush
- apple/fruit tray
- aluminum foil
- petal dust

Step one: Prep your wires. Make a small hook at the end of your wires so that the gumpaste has something to grab onto.

Step two: To make the flower centre, roll out a nickel sized ball of green gumpaste. I used Sugarflair's gooseberry green... it's my favourite green. Dip your prepped wire in water or gumglue and stick the ball on top. Make sure the hook grabs the gumpaste. Pinch the bottom of the gumpaste so that it sticks nicely to the wire.

Step three: You can use a daisy center thingy to make an impression in your ball, or if you don't want to buy a daisy center thingy, you can use an exacto knife or scissors to make little snips into the ball. Let this dry.

Step four: Using the smallest of the cutters and cut out 3 of the flowers.

Step five: Ball tool the petals to give it a slight curl. Use the exacto knife or scissors to cut the petals in half.

Step six: Brush on a little water or gum glue onto each flower and stack them. Make sure petals are slightly offset from the one below so that you can see as many petals as possible. Brush a little water onto your prepped flower centre (step two) and thread the wire through the middle of your stacked flowers. Curl the petals around the centre and hang upside down to dry.

Step seven: Cut three of the next size up. Use the ball tool to curl the petals slightly. Brush on a little water or gum glue and stack them. Make sure you brush beyond the centre of the flower (I used purple water to illustrate).

Step eight: Brush water onto the bottom of your flower centre and hang upside down to dry. Only hang for about half an hour (depending on humidity and type of gumpaste). You really only want it to curl a little.

Step nine: Cut 3 of the largest flowers. Use the ball tool to curl the petals. Then use a dresden tool and draw a line on one set of the petals. Don't bother with the other two... once you stack it, it won't even show.

Step ten: Repeat steps seven and eight. This time instead of hanging the flower upside down, poke a hole in the apple tray and dry the flower on the tray. If the tray you have previously held oval shaped apples, turn the flowers ever so often so that it dries nicely. You can also play with the petals to give it some irregularity.

Step eleven: Once the flower is dry, dust in pretty colours.

Thing to remember... flowers are never perfect in real life - don't kill yourself trying to get perfection. If you have enough flowers or if you have something else for the viewer to focus on (say a chicken and a duck), no one will notice if a petal isn't perfect!

Have fun! :)

sushi + candy = kiddie heaven

Yay! The first tutorial! Granted, it's not cake or cupcake related and there are no tips or tricks that you can use on your cakes or cupcakes, but it's a fun way to entertain a bunch of kids and darn it, this is what I'm demo'g this weekend at Toronto Harbourfront so if I have to do it and take pictures of what I'm doing, you're all going to see it.

Step one: Gather all your ingredients. Sushi mat is optional - I'm using one so the kiddies have more things to play with. I've got some dried mango slices here, but I think I might substitute gummy fish and gummy worms just to get more sugar into the kids. I'm evil. *muwahahahaha

Step two: Slice up a bunch of mango pieces. Use a sharp knife and get a grownup to help you if you're a kid or if you're clumsy.

Step three and four: Using your handy dandy rolling pin (I'm sure we all have a gazillion of them in different sizes) roll out one of the rice cereal treats. Don't press down too hard or your sushi will be really dense. Unroll your Fruit Rollup (on sale this week at Price Chopper for $1.99 a box - I bought 18 boxes and got some really funny looks), and lay your flattened rice cereal treat along the bottom corner. Cut off the excess on the side. Keep a little bit on top - this comes in hand when you roll it up in step six and you need to get it to stick.

Step five: Line up some mango pieces at the bottom of your rice cereal treat. What the heck, sprinkle some sprinkles on that too. Sprinkles are fun. Yum yum.

Step six: Roll that sucker up. Don't forget to peel the plastic. Roll... peel... roll... peel... roll... Seal it closed with that bit of Fruit Rollup we talked about in Step ThreeFour. No need to lick and stick. That's just gross.

Step seven: Cut that sucker up into three equal pieces. Sprinkle with some sprinkles because sprinkles are fun. Yum yum.

Step eight: Cut the leftover Fruit Rollup into two equal strips. Cut another rice cereal treat in half. Phew, that's a lot of cutting. I'm lazy.

Step nine: Top the rice cereal treats with slices of mango and wrap it with a strip of Fruit Rollup. Ta Da - easy peesy lemon squeezy. (not serious about the lemon squeeze).

That's it! Fun project for kids. It took me four times longer to type this up than to actually make them, so I hope you liked my first tutorial. Real ones to come. Comments always welcome. Bad comments, I might delete...

(Disclaimer: Unless you're under the age of 10, these things aren't all that tasty. Super sweet and yuckity yuck. I'd rather have had the mango by itself)

cake fun with angry birds

Sometimes cakes should look like cakes! It's great to surprise someone with a birthday cake that looks like a robot, or that looks like a boat full of sushi, but it's also great to surprise someone with a birthday cake that looks like a cake.

This Angry Birds video game inspired cake (heck, ok, more than inspired) was done for a surprise birthday party for a super close friend of ours. Can you believe that she's never had a surprise party before in all of her something years? So of course, we had to remedy that!

Each of the cute little birds and pigs were hand modelled out of gumpaste, fondant or modelling chocolate. There's no saying what's what anymore - we just had way too much fun doing the little critters! The sling shot and wooden beams were made out of white modelling chocolate and lightly dusted with a little food colour powder to make the "wood grain" pop, cuz heck, we like cool little details like that!

Can you guess how we did the texture of the "grass"? Here's another look...

...give up? We used the wrong end of a bunch of different sized paint brushes and poked and prodded the fondant into shape. Then we dusted it with a few different shades of green. Yay for fun cakes that look like cakes!

pretty in pink

A while back, Blossom Events came to me looking for a ballerina, Swan Lake inspired wedding cake. Although, that's not *exacty* the style that I'm known for, I jumped at the chance and the challenge. And you know what - I love, love, love doing pretty, pink girly cakes!!

Yes, I said it and I'll say it again! I love pretty girly cakes and can't wait for the next one I've got lined up.

Check out the photos by Edison Photography. They turned out absolutely gorgeous. *Love*

The textures on this piece is incredible and adds a great variety of depth, interest and glamour to a beautiful set up. I may have to shift from the wicked cool sculpted cakes to just glamarous girly cakes from now on! Just kidding!

blast from the past!

A blast from the 80's with this amazing Back to the Future groom's cake! A super fun cake to make, this presentation measured a HUGE 35" by 28"... It would have been bigger, but we couldn't fit it out the studio doors - darn crooked hallway!

Hopefully the wedding photog will email us some better pictures soon - we forgot our camera - DOH!

mellow yellow and gooseberry green

It's been wickedly busy recently - just the way we like it! This week was baby shower week... back to back baby shower cakes, corporate cakes and a whole bunch of macarons all packaged up and tied with cute little ribbons.

This yellow and green baby shower cake celebrates becoming a mommy. We kept it simple and elegant with little roses with just a touch of pink. This feminine and classy design can be adapted to all special occasions!

cdn airdate!

Finally a Canadian airdate for all you Food Network Challenge fans! Watch us battle seasoned cake pros for glory and for the prize of $10,000. Best in Show cakes airs this weekend!

Sunday June 5, 2011 7:00pm est
Monday June 5, 2011 12:00am est

wishing peace and love to all

Our way of helping out! "Origami" peace cranes made out of sugar cookies done for Toronto Bakes for Japan (all proceeds go to the Red Cross). Cookies were cut with custom made cookie cutters and baked on specially designed cookie sheets. We love going the extra mile!

Paired with colourful chocolate cutouts, these make great little gifts of wishes. :)

helping out however we can!

We're helping out however we can! Come find our goodies at Cafe Diplomatico on Sunday April 10th! We're coming up with something wicked fun and exciting to help raise as much money as possible for our Japanese friends.

Check out the Toronto Bakes for Japan website for more details!

Chock-full of fun!!

A fun birthday cake for a cutie pie 1 year old! Chock-full of fun with lollipop cookie stars and chocolate balloons. Fun shapes and bright colours, yay!!!

(photo credit: Traetto Photography)

ode to love

Playing with macarons - who says you can't play with your food and eat it too?

anyone up for sushi?

A sushi boat packed with delicious sushi mini-cakes! For the true sushi lover!

wicked tasting... February 19-20th!!!

Calling all spring/summer, heck even fall brides and grooms! The Wicked Little Cake Company is doing a tasting weekend - email us to book your spot! They're going fast!


US airdates released!

Watch as Matt Somers (It's a Matter of Cake) and I take on seasoned Food Network Challengers on Best of Show Cakes!

US airdates and times:

Feb 13, 2011 8:00 PM ET/PT
Feb 14, 2011 3:00 AM ET/PT
Feb 15, 2011 8:00 PM ET/PT

bold and beautiful stripes

This unique technique allows for clean, crisp lines and bold contrasting colours. The colourful pattern is made out of white chocolate and is a fantastic alternative to a fondant covered cake!

sneaky snakey surprise

A ssspectacular sssurprise birthday cake! Birthday boy loves exotic animals, especially snakes and reptiles. At one point or another, he's had an alligator, a parrot, a boa constrictor, a burmese python... AND a couple dogs! Crazzzzyyyy!

look for our minis in the spring/summer 2011 issue of weddingbells!

Look for our awesome vintage inspired mini-wickeds in the upcoming issue of Weddingbells magazine! (Spring/Summer 2011)

wicked cupcake in toronto life!

The new wicked signature cupcake as featured in Toronto Life!

Apple cardamom cupcake topped with cinnamon cream cheese, wrapped in white chocolate and finished with 24k gold dust and a shabby chic white chocolate rose!

i kissed a giraffe and i liked it...

A pair of bride and groom giraffes for a jungle themed wedding at Bellvue Manor. Everything edible except for the structural supports and the veil - even the eyelashes are made from chocolate! Hand painted with petal dusts.

stay tuned for more information...

Just got back from competing on the Food Network Challenge!! Air dates (US and Canadian) will be posted as soon as I find out!!

L & A's elegant wedding

A tall elegant cake for a tall elegant couple. The cake was inspired by the ribbon textures of the wedding invitation and the graphic patterns designed by one of the couple's friends and complemented by handmade, gumpaste flowers that matched the bride's bouquet.

The wedding was in beautiful Bond Head, about 45 minutes north of Toronto.

a little pink, a touch of glamour and a lot of class

The perfect bridal shower cake for a shoe loving bride! Hand painted message card echos the theme of the wedding invitations.

little miss mischievous and friends

Cake done for a Super Sweet Sixteen birthday party with the birthday girl's favourite Little Miss and Mr. Men characters.